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Middle age came in like a roaring lion for me. Combined with the normal stresses of life I began to notice multiple symptoms - such as a drop in energy- and an ache that I could not adequately describe. As menopause began I was sent into a tailspin with hot flashes, difficulty focusing, etc. Little did I know thyroid, hormonal and adrenal imbalances were all contributing. It was the help of Dawn and her coordinating efforts with Dr. Dieterle that redirected my course. Through proper testing an integrative perspective that included my food, nutritional supplements and adjustments to natural medicine things were brought back into balance and calmed down. What hope it brought me to know that my situation was actually quite correctable. Dawn's work through Abundant Life Wellness Center was a significant piece in my journey of health! There is nothing like working with someone that truly understands and listens. Dawn is passionate and digs deep to research looking for the root cause so she can bring solution that makes the difference in her patients lives. It certainly did in mine.

~~~Charlotte H.