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The Fungal Quotient 

Are your health symptoms caused by a fungal overload in your body?

Section A: History

1.  Have you ever taken antibiotics for any length of time?

2. Have you been exposed to mold in the home or workplace?

3. Have you been on steroids at anytime?

4. Have you taken birth control pills?

5. Do you crave sugar, bread or alcohol? 

6. Are your symptoms worse on damp muggy days?

7. Have you had athletes foot, ringworm, jock itch or chronic fungus infections on the tongue, skin or nails?

Major Symptoms of the Fungal Quotient:

1. Fatigue or lethargy

2. Felling of being drained

3. Poor memory

4. Feeling "spacey" or "unreal"

5. Depression

6. Headache

7. Dizziness/loss of balance

8. Pressure above the ears, feeling of head swelling

9. Itching 

10. Rashes

11. Heartburn

12. Indigestion

13. Belching and/or intestinal gas

14. Mucus in stools

15. Hemorrhoids

16. Dry mouth

17. Rash or blisters in mouth

18. Bad breath

19. Endometriosis 

20. Nasal congestion or discharge 

21. Postnasal drip

22. Nasal itching 

23. Sore or dry throat

24. Cough

25. Pain or tightness in chest

26. Wheezing or shortness of breath

27. Urinary urgency or frequency 

28. Burning on urination

29. Failing vision

30. Burning or tearing of eyes

31. Recurrent infections or fluid in ears

32. Ear pain or deafness