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                                                                                                       Breast Implant Illness


        Breast Implants are a foreign material to the body and cause physical illness for many women.  I know as I was one of those women who became very ill from my implants.  Both silicone and saline implants can cause illness due to the materials used and the potential for bacteria and fungus to proliferate in the body.  My own experience with saline implants  was over a ten year period:

          "Within months of implantation I began experiencing chronic fatigue, depression, and neurological issues.  I never dreamed that the implants could be the cause. My surgeon had told me they were "perfectly safe" and would last a lifetime.  Over the years I saw many doctors and was eventually diagnosed with a myriad of autoimmune illnesses that they had no answers for.  Thankfully I found some relief by juicing, detoxing, and eating an antifungal diet.  Through this healthy lifestyle I would have periods of better health only to come crashing down for no apparent reason.  Many days I would be bedridden with a horrible flu like illness."

          Not all women become as ill as I did, but many do and are diagnosed with MS, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, etc.  These illnesses are actually caused by bacteria and mold that are in and around the implants themselves.  The mold produces a biotoxin that are neurotoxic to the human body.

                                                          ~~~~ Breast Implant Illness Symptoms~~~~

Chronic Fatigue

Brain Fog / Memory Loss

Muscle Pain and Weakness

Muscle Twitching

Hair Loss

Poor Sleep

Dry Eyes / Vision Disturbances

Hypo / Hyper Thyroid Symptoms

Difficulty Swallowing / Cough / Choking Feeling


Gastrointestinal Issues

Fever / Night Sweats

Persistent Infection and Flus

Yeast Infections

Ear Ringing


Sore and Aching Joints

Swollen and Tender Lymph Nodes

Numbness and Tingling Sensations

Adrenal Issues

Cold or Burning Hands and Feet

Chest Discomfort and Shortness of Breath

Anxiety / Depression / Panic Attacks


      If you have become ill since having breast implants there is hope and certain steps that you MUST take to get well.  First have the implants removed by a surgeon skilled at explantation.  Your surgeon should understand that breast implants can make you ill and perform what is called "a full capsulectomy" or "en bloc" procedure.  After surgery you should work with an experienced doctor or practitioner who knows how to help you with detox.  Here at Abundant Life Wellness Center we treat each patient on an individual basis, but detox must include protocols to eliminate the mold and bacteria that is attacking the body from the implants. 

Phone consults are available for out of town patients.

Please Call Dawn Strohm NHP at Abundant Life Wellness Center to discuss surgeons and detox ~ 417-337-2213