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5 Steps to True Cellular Healing

Dawn Strohm, NHP

In the day and age in which we live, we are exposed to an unbelievable amount of chemicals, EMF's, food additives, GMO's, etc.  For this reason we are facing health challenges that are hard to explain.  We go from doctor to doctor searching for answers, only to be handed a prescription for medication.  Have you ever asked the question, "What is the root cause to my illness"?

I myself have faced a serious health crisis only to be diagnosed with numerous autoimmune issues such as Graves Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritis, Interstitial Cystitus, etc.  Finally I came to realize that the only way out of my downward spiraling health issues was "True Cellular Healing".  The question really should be "What is wrong at a cellular level in my body".  When I was gravely ill, this knowledge gave me hope because it explained how I got so sick and how my body could heal itself.

The 5 Steps to True Cellular Healing:

Step 1:  We need to determine which toxic sources are causing damage to your cells.  When we have identified the source, they need to be 'safely' detoxed out of the body using a personalized protocol.

Step 2:  Regenerate the Inner-Outer Cell Membrane

The bi-lipid fat layer of the cellular membrane allows nutrients to flow inside easily and the toxins and free radicals inside the cell to leave.  When the cell is inflamed, nothing can come in or out, so the cell becomes a toxic wasteland.  Inflammation can compromise our cells ability to function properly causing hormonal issues.

Step 3:  Restore Cellular Energy

As nutrients flow into the cell, they feed mitochondria which produces ATP.  When we do not have adequate production of ATP, our cells are unable to detoxify or regenerate properly.

Step 4:  Reduce Inflamation Oxidative Stress in Cells

Inflammation is produced from 3 main sources:  consumption of sugar, grains, and bad fats.  Inflammation and oxidative stress is at the root cause of all disease processes we see in the office.  The question is "what is your fungal quotient?"

Step 5:  Re-Establish Methylation

This step is accomplished with an in depth analysis of mineral ratios and toxic overload with hair mineral testing.  Correction of mineral ratios is key to opening methylation pathways.


These 5 steps give us important answers to unexplainable illnesses.  When you understand this process you are more educated on the workings of the cell than most doctors in this country.  Through the education you will receive from Dawn, you will understand the "why" and "how" of how your body can heal itself.  Her experience and knowledge can help you on the the road to a healthier life.