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"Educating My Clients is Their Key To a Healthy Life"

Dawn Strohm NHP uses state of the art techniques and knowledge using natural methods that are safe and effective to help with your specific health concerns. She looks at long term solutions to your problems as opposed to just treating symptoms that may give temporary relief, but create more serious problems in the future.

In her practice, Dawn is known for taking mysterious complex conditions and looking for the "root" cause. Depending on your health symptoms Dawn works with her clients through 5 steps to True cellular Healing. She brings her years of experience, training and compassion to each client to educate them to the root cause of their symptoms. 

If you are suffering from autoimmune issues, low energy, poor memory, digestive complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia, or more serious issues, please call Dawn Strohm, NHP, for an appointment.  417-337-2213

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